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Jenn Hampson: Painter, crafty person, lover of words.

I was born in Mississauga, Canada, over three decades ago. It was the 80’s and neon leggings with Scrunchies were the “in” thing. We made mix-tapes that were played in these bulky, technological dinosaurs called “boom boxes.”

I danced with my friend, Heather, to Paula Abdul’s Opposites Attract, in the school bathroom during lunch break. Fortunately, my taste in music has improved - my dancing has not.

It was a time.

Painting saved my brain the way a parent nurtures a child, providing unending support and the freedom to be true.

Working mainly in acrylics allows me the versatility that I crave during the creative process. My work does not follow a particular theme. Rather, it rolls along a bit like life does. Sometimes abstract, other times following the rules.

In 2006, I attended Sheridan College, where I learned that artists do have the most fun and that life drawing is not a talent of mine.

Throughout my years as a practicing artist, I have been part of both solo and collaborative exhibitions in Muskoka and Toronto.

In March, 2014, my solo exhibition, “Louder”, focused on themes of trauma. It remains my most proud moment as an artist/human.

I live in cottage country with my main squeeze and our overlords - a Shih-Poo and a Schnoodle.

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I do sell my work—provided it hasn’t already been sold, of course.

I can also field questions about anything from tennis prospects to generating playlists for your grandma. If it’s of a more serious nature, I suggest therapy.

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